RDA Lodges FIRs Against Owners of 6 Illegal Housing Societies

Illegal housing societies are residential projects that have been developed without obtaining the necessary legal approvals from the relevant authorities. These societies are typically constructed on land that is either not designated for residential purposes or is not authorized for development by the government.

Investing in illegal housing societies is a risky proposition as there is no guarantee of ownership or possession of the property. The authorities can demolish such societies at any time, leaving the residents without any compensation for their investment.

RDA Lodges FIRs Against Owners of 6 Illegal Housing Societies

RDA ordered Rawalpindi police to register cases against the owner of six illegal housing societies. These societies were reportedly operating without proper approvals or licenses from the RDA and were violating various land-use regulations.

Moreover, RDA officials said the cases were initiated because the unlawful housing societies kept building even after being asked to submit plans.

The six housing societies include

  • Atlantic City
  • Century town housing scheme
  • Shaheen garden
  • Shaheen garden in mandra
  • Capital valley

Additionally, RDA has filed First Information Reports (FIRs) against the six illegal housing societies and is taking legal action against the advertising of their establishment.

RDA warned the public not to invest in these illegal housing societies and urged them to stop marketing. If you want any legal help, contact RDA. 

Social media, Whatsapp, YouTube, and other internet apps have been used illegally to promote private housing schemes, and RDA has informed several government agencies of this.

At last but not least, RDA has ordered the MP&E to take strict action against illegal housing societies, marketing, construction, and commercial activities.

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