Chief Minister Urges Swift Completion of Ring Road Rawalpindi

The Caretaker Chief Minister of Punjab, Mohsin Naqvi, made a recent visit to Rawalpindi for an in-depth review of the ongoing construction of the Rawalpindi Ring Road.

During this inspection, specific attention was paid to the progress at Khalsa Khurd and Adiala Interchange sites, indicating the CM’s keen interest in closely monitoring the project’s development.

It was the third visit by the CM in less than a month, highlighting how important it is that the project be finished on schedule.

Expressing some concerns regarding the pace of work, the CM urged the responsible authorities to expedite the construction efforts. Naqvi was adamant about ensuring the project adheres to its designated timeline and emphasized this to the Commissioner of Rawalpindi Division and FWO officials.

Naqvi stressed, “Completion of this project should be prioritized and expedited.”

Highlighting the Ring Road importance, he underscored the substantial benefits it would bring to the residents of Rawalpindi and Islamabad upon its completion.

The Chief Minister took a comprehensive approach during the inspection, conducting an aerial survey of the entire 38-Km route to gain a holistic view of the ongoing construction activities.

During a briefing by Colonel Ayaz from FWO, intricate details about the 38.3 km long, six-lane Rawalpindi Ring Road were discussed, emphasizing its scale and significance.

In response to the CM’s directives, NESPAK promptly provided the necessary drawings for the ring road project. The construction work is progressing rapidly, with a visible presence of heavy machinery and activities on-site.

Significant updates highlighted the commencement of construction on vital elements like subways, drainage channels, and multiple road sections.

The inspection witnessed the presence of key officials, including the Commissioner of Rawalpindi Division, Regional Police Officer, City Police Officer, Deputy Commissioner, and representatives from FWO, showcasing the collaborative effort invested in this substantial development project.

Azhar Rasheed
Azhar Rasheed

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