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Teams & Open Roles

Web Development

Develop our websites and update all news related to the company. Maintain our IT department.

Human Resources

Maintain and handle employee data, contracts, recruiting, screening, interviewing e.t.c

Design And Content

Design and write for our websites. Work on creating an attractive esthetic for our social media.


 Work on marketing the brand and identifying customer needs and track trends and monitor competition.

Office Support

Assist in office chores, work around the office helping all senior positions and errands out of workplace.

Business Development

Maintaining sales, extracting data and finding customers to grow the business in the industry as a whole.

Life Inside Our Office

Our company culture is made up of positive values, beliefs and behaviors that promote team work, personal space and understanding between both management and employees. It is also reflective of our company’s overall goals.

Our culture defines both how employees see themselves as contributors as well as how outsiders perceive our business. Religious and fundamental normative rules are followed making it a safe and welcoming space for all genders, ethnicities and races.

The office encourage everyone to work together and promotes equality on all levels of hierarchy.

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