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  • The National Highway Authority (NHA) has begun to publish tenders for the building and repair of highways worldwide. The zonal authorities are attempting to get traffic moving again on a number of roadways. Asad Mahmood, the federal minister of communications, was said to be in charge of overseeing the national highway reconstruction project. The Lahore Eastern Bypass and Gujrat Bypass, which were damaged by the recent major floods and rain spells, are currently being worked on by the authority to remove stagnant flood water and get rid of weeds.


The first resort-style housing development will soon be built in Twin Cities

What Is a Resort-Style Living?

Our lifestyles are significantly impacted by our desires for living. Our decisions are influenced by our surroundings, including our locales, neighborhoods, and facilities. An individual is more likely to acclimate to their environment if they reside in a well-established community. People occasionally make strange decisions in order to live a wealthy lifestyle filled with extravagant characteristics, which is a completely different lifestyle from the one they are used to. In an ongoing endeavor to improve our standard of living, we constantly change our lifestyle in a variety of ways. What was once thought to be the height of luxury is now regarded as commonplace.
Apartment complexes are based on the idea of resort living. The amenities of resort living are similar to those of five-star resorts, allowing guests to conveniently access modern amenities while yet enjoying the comfort of apartments. The development of resort-styled communities, where residents build networks and share the same amenities and services, is another result of the resort lifestyle. 

Characteristics of Resort-Style Living:

Communal Interests:

Living in a resort community is characterized mostly by a sense of community. People who live in resort communities come together as a group and share the same neighborhoods and amenities. Residents have access to the same places where they can interact and create a special network of friends. Like-minded individuals also have access to the same areas, so someone who likes swimming or golf can play and converse there.

Extravagant Features:

The presence of opulent amenities is one of the main drivers of resort lifestyle adoption. Resort living facilities are a representation of luxury that is always available to the public. Everyone values their free time and living in a resort guarantees that one gets the most out of it. As a result, resort living now includes facilities like swimming pools, golf courses, and shopping centers. Additionally, homeowners enjoy the privilege of having beautiful views from their flats.

Getting Entertained:

Additionally, those who live in a resort have access to nonstop entertainment. Shopping addicts, foodies, and movie buffs who buy resort apartments can make use of the entertainment options whenever they want. Contrary to those who do not own resort flats, tenants always have access to entertainment options. Residents benefit from a wide range of amenities and the highest quality of life.

Natural Setting:

Residents of resort communities have the chance to spend more time in nature. In-resort flats, nature lovers can settle down permanently and enjoy daily sunrise views of the great outdoors. People have the pleasure of taking in the scenery as it is, and structures can offer occupants a special chance to get closer to nature. Resort dwellers have healthier lifestyles in addition to being closer to nature.

Pakistan’s first Resort-Style Housing Development in Twin Cities:

One Homes, a top international property development company, has acquired a 100,000 square foot piece of prime land in Islamabad and Rawalpindi to become the first ever custom resort style living development for overseas Pakistanis, which will significantly aid the federal government’s efforts to entice foreign direct investment (FDI) in the nation. This first-ever tailor-made resort-style living development for overseas Pakistanis is going to be a memorable experience, a feeling to be cherished, and a fulfillment of people’s lifetime luxury desires.

One Homes Co-Founder and Chief Commercial Officer Aqib Hassan told reporters during the ceremony of the site’s acquisition that the company has very strict criteria when obtaining land and that the process frequently lasts years. The construction, which is likely to be a first of its sort in the city, is situated at the top of a valley and has front-row panoramic views over a 2,500-acre national forest.

To give you an idea, the developers profile 20 sites before making any one acquisition, on average. After the initial profiling stage, the shortlisted sites go through an extensive due diligence process that they have developed to mimic the legal process in the UK. This enables them to offer their customers buying with them in Pakistan the same level of security and comfort that they give to customers buying from the developers in the UK or Dubai.

According to Aqib, the project, which is now in the design development stage, is anticipated to hit the market by the end of the summer of 2022. In order to make sure the project is on par with the best projects, they are now in the design development stage and have enlisted world-class consultants. Whether it was here in Pakistan, Dubai, or London, they were involved.
The ONE Group has worked on some of the most well-known projects in Pakistan, Dubai, and the United Kingdom. With a Gross Development Value of more than $200 million USD, the business is now working on four massive projects in Pakistan, including Diyar Homes and the renowned ONE Canal Road Lahore by Kobi Karp, whose interiors feature VERSACE ceramics. These projects are being constructed in partnership. Regarding the contrast between this growth and earlier endeavors. The group thinks that the land serves as a blank canvas, outlining the possibility for development.

The developers of this mega project in Lahore discovered the most desirable spot in the city, and they are equally as thrilled about their new discovery since it has attributes that make it just as wonderful and in some ways might even be better. It is highly anticipated that this project would introduce yet another ground-breaking development to the market and maintain its market superiority in lifestyle graphics real estate.

One Homes Co-Founder and Chief Commercial Officer Aqib Hassan told reporters that he is looking forward to continuing their path as an innovator and market leader in Pakistan, with a focus on becoming the forerunners and flag bearers for a lifestyle-focused, design-centric real estate in Pakistan. They recognize that excellent real estate is about creating lifestyles, and by putting their clients at the center of their business’s philosophy and operations, they will deliver on that promise. Their company’s roots are focused on being a thoroughly client-centric organization.
The group’s medium-term goal is to complete 200 billion rupees worth of projects in Pakistan by 2027.