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  • The National Highway Authority (NHA) has begun to publish tenders for the building and repair of highways worldwide. The zonal authorities are attempting to get traffic moving again on a number of roadways. Asad Mahmood, the federal minister of communications, was said to be in charge of overseeing the national highway reconstruction project. The Lahore Eastern Bypass and Gujrat Bypass, which were damaged by the recent major floods and rain spells, are currently being worked on by the authority to remove stagnant flood water and get rid of weeds.


Characteristics of a Good Housing Society

When choosing where to invest and spend all of your life in, it is essential to bring forth all the reasons that should be compelling enough to make you invest and be worth all your money. Sometimes, when we find affordable and accessible opportunities, we tend to compromise on things that seem small in the start, but make us regret later. Homes are immovable property that are not easy to shift and change every now and then. This means that there is guidance needed for even the most passionate buyers. Pakistanis prefer to reside in housing projects. This is owing to Pakistanis’ desire to live in a calm environment with all amenities. However, choosing a decent housing scheme in Pakistan is critical if you want to live in the finest possible environment. Also, property frauds and scams are less likely. It’s not easy to find a nice residential scheme. Furthermore, if you are new to this industry, there is a good potential that your money will become entangled in some fraudulent schemes.


Here is a list of the most enticing characteristics of a housing society:

  •  Gated community
    Security is one of the most important characteristics that people look for in a housing society. As a result, gated communities have become extremely popular in the last decade or so. In fact, one of Pakistan’s fastest-growing real estate trends is the creation of such projects. Exclusive residential communities that are usually enclosed by a boundary wall or a fence are known as gated communities in Pakistan.
  • Infrastructure/Planning
    Infrastructure, planning, and attention to detail are also key features of a decent housing society in Pakistan.  Affordable prices and installment plans Two of the most important characteristics of a good housing society are affordable costs and simple payment arrangements. Residential developments with the most up-to-date infrastructure and a slew of additional amenities typically command higher property prices. However, in order to attract customers from various walks of life, a number of housing societies provide a variety of housing options as well as payment plans.
  •  Approved by concerned authorities
    One of the most significant elements of successful housing societies is the approval of
    concerned development and planning authorities, such as the LDA in Lahore and the
    CDA in Islamabad. A residential project that has been approved and verified by a local
    development body is almost certainly free of property frauds and scams. As a result, it is a safe area to invest.
    Amenities and facilities

A consistent supply of electricity in the form of backup generators, CCTV surveillance, community centers, sports facilities, and playgrounds are some of the most popular
amenities supplied by leading housing societies across the country.

  • Location
    When purchasing a home or choosing a housing plan to live in, the location is the most
    significant consideration. Prime real estate always attracts a huge number of buyers.
    Because a large number of people want to live there. As a result, it’s critical to keep
    track of a housing scheme’s location.
  • Reputation Of The Developer

The reputation of the developers is the most important factor to consider while settling on any plan. It genuinely represents the entire home scheme standard. Investing in
housing societies operated by reputable developers is frequently recommended by buyers and investors. As a result, to ensure the safety of their investment. Another thing to consider is the previous track record. Is the developer well-equipped in terms of machinery, manpower, and finances? Has he previously kept his promises on past projects? This will assist you in determining the developer’s trustworthiness.
If he has kept his promises on previous projects, this will assist you evaluate the developers’ reputation.

  • Eco-Friendly

Given the severity of the country’s water shortage, environmentally friendly methods must be pursued. For instance, rainwater harvesting devices can be used to conserve water. Choose a home with ecologically friendly features like solar panels and energy- efficient furniture

Given the rapid increase in demand for living quarters in Islamabad, there has been a surge in residential
initiatives. But, regrettably, not all of them are as profitable as they appear.
We advise our readers to do their homework before spending their hard-earned money. As profiting
from all societies does not necessarily imply a secure investment. Some of the qualities of societies that
we believe will prove to be a good investment have been outlined.

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